Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Waterfall

Than told me he wanted to go for a hike this weekend, so I figured it was the perfect time to try to find that waterfall my friend Jess had been telling me so much about. She said it was so beautiful and secluded, we wouldn't want to leave. So I packed up a picnic lunch and off we went. After a while of hiking and chatting we began to hear the rushing water, we increased our pace as we were both a bit warm and ready to feel the refreshing spray. When we broke into the clearing we just stopped and stared. It was such a lovely and peaceful spot, neither of us wanted to break that picture.

Well apparently Than was a little less concerned about the "picture" than I was, next thing I know he's got me in his arms and is running towards the clear refreshing looking pool. I was squealing at him, trying to get him to let me put my suit on, but he wasn't having any of it. I barely had time to kick my shoes off, and SPLASH! I was sputtering and laughing as I came up for air, ready to get my revenge. As I'm sure you figured out, Than doesn't play fair, so when I tried to grab him and dunk him under the water he grabbed my shirt and hauled it over my head. He laughed at me when I tried to climb up his body and snatch my shirt back from his outstretched hand, then just balled it up and threw it directly into the waterfall! As I was swimming towards the falls he came up behind me and deftly stripped me of my shorts as well. When I turned to protest he put his hand over my mouth and lifted me up onto the rocks below the falls, I stood as he climbed up in front of me. But instead of standing himself, he grabbed my hips and pulled me against his face, immediately pushing his tongue deep into my core.

I gasped loudly and gripped his hair with my hands to try to keep from falling from the pleasure coursing through me. My leg moved as if of it's own free will to drape over his shoulder and pull him even closer, his tongue making my mind go blank of everything except the exquisite sensations. Suddenly his mouth clamped over my sensitive bud, his lips sucking as his tongue flicked back and forth. My knees went weak as I threw my head back and screamed, every person or animal within a 5 mile radius able to hear as my orgasm hit. Gasping for breath, my legs too weak to hold me, I sank to my knees as my orgasm slowly subsided. I could hear Than chuckle, knowing exactly what he did to me, then rising in front of me to show me just what I did to him. Not one to let an opportunity like that pass by, I leaned forward and licked the head of his large, throbbing cock as it bobbed slightly from the spray of the falls.

I could hear Than groaning above me as I wrapped his manhood in my hands and took the head into my mouth. He began thrusting his hips so I opened my mouth wider to accept him. Then he allowed me to set the pace as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth, each thrust pushing further, finally his cock opening my throat and pushing it's way down. I moaned around his smooth hardness and felt him shudder above me. Just as I cupped his balls in my hand I heard his wicked chuckle, he leaned down and pulled me up, my body sliding along his as he stood me in front of him then kissed me long and deep.

Taking my breath away as feelings and emotions surged through me. He pulled back and smiled into my eyes, then turned me around, pulling me back against him and started running his hands all over my body. I shuddered with the feel of his warm hands moving over my water cooled my skin. My nipples grew even harder with his attention and I pressed my mound against his hand.

He moved his hands up my body, bringing my arms over my head, then moving them down and placing them against the back of my hair whispering, "Keep your hands there no matter what I do." Moans and tiny whimpering sound escaped my lips as his hands and mouth continued exploring every inch of my body.

A soft kiss on the back of my shoulder making me sigh, then a sharp tweak of my nipple causing me to arch and whimper. His fingers running down my sides bringing up goosebumps before he moved down to run his finger up my folds to my clit, rubbing and squeezing until I moaned loudly. My noises of pleasure must have gotten the better of him, suddenly he swung me around, lifted my leg over his shoulder, and pushed the full length of his cock deep inside me.

I cried out in pleasure as he growled and pumped in and out of me, his hand on my thigh holding me steady while the water continued to cascade over both of our bodies. I leaned forward, my mouth seeking his causing him to slow his thrusts so we could kiss passionately. I sucked his tongue like I had his cock earlier, causing him to growl again. He broke the kiss, pulling his cock from my body long enough to turn me and bend me forward, then thrusting into me from behind. I gasped and bit my bottom lip from screaming again, his cock filling me completely as my hands reached out blindly for something to hold onto.

Than reached up and grabbed my breasts, squeezing and kneading them, but at the same time helping me to get steady as he continued his onslaught from behind. His growls soon turned to grunts, then groans as I squeezed my muscles around his hard shaft, my moans of pleasure mixing with his. He moved his hand down, pinching my clit between his thumb and forefinger, rubbing his fingers together as I gasped and bucked against him. I came again, screaming into the water as he gave one final thrust and released himself deep inside me with a loud moan. He leaned into me, his weight almost taking me down as he got his breath back. When I felt him straighten, I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply and passionately. He gripped my butt, pulling me close and up until I moved my legs around his waist and continuing the kiss for a very long time.

We spent the rest of the day at the waterfall, sunning, eating, talking, swimming, and having a wonderful time. Needless to say Jess got a very large thank you bouquet for telling me about the wonderful area.

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