Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovers tub - a trip into voyeurism

I was walking through the woods out behind the lodge today and heard some soft whispering and giggles. Well you know me, I couldn't resist investigating. *grins* I tiptoed in the direction of the noises, when I saw steam floating up in the air I crouched behind some bushes. As I parted the bushes a huge smile spread over my face, I was so happy to see Dagda and Hj making use of the garden tub we had installed.

It was so sweet watching them cuddling and kissing, just made my heart melt. I was about to leave the love birds to their afternoon snuggle when I noticed Hj arching her back and Dagda moving his head lower on her chest. Mmmm, now that just hard to turn away from, her nipples hard and perky as he ran his tongue over them. As I watched him begin to nibble and her cry out with passion, I felt a tightening between my legs and blushed lightly even though no one was around to see.

Dagda suddenly twisted Hj around and pressed her back against the tub while grabbing her hips and plunging his tongue between her wet folds. I couldn't help but squirm as I watched them, the pleasure on her face was obvious, and no way was I leaving now. *grins widely*

As I continued to watch I felt a tingling between my own legs, finally unable to stand it any longer I reached down and started to rub myself lightly. Just as I touched my clit Hj let out a loud scream, scaring me enough to jump and rustle the bushes slightly. I clamped my hand over my mouth as I let the branches fall back into place, my heart pounding in fear of being caught spying. After about a minute I noticed the pounding in my ears subsiding but the moans from the tub picking up with a deeper voice. I waited another minute but then just couldn't resist parting the bushes again. "Oh my, oh my" I whispered softly to myself as I watched Hj's lips move up and down on the yummy looking cock between them. She would take him in deeper and deeper each time her lips moved down his shaft. I so wanted to be her in that moment. *sighs softly*

Dagda suddenly reached out and grabbed her hands, pulling her body up and pressing her hands to either side of her breasts with his own just as his cock slipped between the soft mounds. A smile spread over her face as she realized what he wanted, and I could tell when she squeezed harder by his increasing moans as his cock pushed up and down between the water slick flesh. As I watched my hand slid up and inside the bodice of my dress, I started teasing my nipple as I enjoyed him fucking Hj's wonderful breasts.

Just as I started wondering how he could hold out so long he slid lower in the water, pulling Hj on top of him and thrusting up inside her in one swift motion. OH MY GOD, was all I could think as I watched then heard him murmur "I'm going to take you every way I want before I finally come, my lovely." Hj just moaned and threw her head back with pleasure, her breasts thrust out beautifully.

I started pinching and pulling on my hard nipple as I watched him turn her around, she braced her feet on the bottom of the tub and started riding his cock fast and hard. I just had to leave my nipple alone and reach down between my legs again, the sound of their skin slapping mixed with the sound of the water sloshing making me comfortable enough to let out a little moan as I made contact with my throbbing pussy. It wasn't enough for me though, so I slipped my fingers under my panties and slid two fingers deep inside myself as I continued to watch her ride him wonderful cock.

Dagda suddenly grabbed her by the waist and turned them both around again, spreading her legs wide and plunging inside her. As his hips thrust his cock in and out of her I matched the speed of my fingers to follow. I found it so difficult to keep quiet that I had to bite my own bottom lip to keep my mouth closed. With each passing minute Hj's moans were growing louder and louder, finally she couldn't stand it any more and screamed her pleasure again as her body bucked against his. I was ready that time and didn't jump, but it sure made me want to have my own orgasm!

As soon as she finished moaning and writhing Dagda whispered what I think was "Thank you for soaking my cock so well." Then quickly flipped her over to her hands and knees and forced his large cock deep into her tightest hole. My jealousy grew a bit stronger as I watched his cock move in and out of her slowly, her cries and moans of pain starting to turn to pleasure. I pulled my fingers from my wet hole and started teasing and pinching my clit, wanting so badly to feel that cock inside my own ass as my need to cum grew. Dagda finally called out "Oh fuck yes!" and plunged hard and fast, burying himself fully insider her hole. Just as he did, I pinched my clit one more time and moaned my pleasure with him.

It was such a strong orgasm I let the branches fall back into place and wasn't sure just how loud I was. When my pussy stopped spasming and I was able to catch my breath I decided to make a hasty retreat. Straightening my panties and dress as I made my way back to the lodge. Later that evening I ran into Dagda and Hj sitting at the bar. I knew I was blushing lightly as I walked up to them, but hoped they would attribute it to the warm evening. "My two favorite people." I said with a smile. "I hope you have enjoyed your day." Hj bounced off her stool and moved forward, "Oh it was the most amazing day Kayla, thank you so much for inviting us here!" she exclaimed as she grabbed me in a tight hug and kissed my cheek, then she whispered in my ear softly "And we both hope you enjoyed the show." Turning bright pink, all I could do was nod my head vigorously in agreement.

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment with voyeurism as much as I did. *winks* Now get your booty's over to Kabuki Creations and pick up this tub so you can make some wonderful memories of your own.
To find out more information about the tubs themselves, please visit the PG Kabuki site. *smiles*