Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Adult Hunts you don't want to miss

I know, you came to see those two hunt poses I mentioned on the main Kabuki Creations site, and I don't blame you. *grins* So first I'll show you The Virtues of Sin Hunt, 1 - 30 April, with Naku's "Sofa - Front1" pose. I like to think of it as the Love Him with Legs pose myself. *giggles* Well it really is like making love to a man with my legs as the star. Okay, maybe not THE star, but you know what I mean...lol I've been teasing him on the sofa for the past half hour, hands roaming, deep kisses, my silky smooth legs rubbing his body anywhere they can reach. Loving the way the course hair on his legs tickles my satin skin, and the rounded feel of his ass rubbing against my calves. When he finally can not take anymore and pulls me to the edge of the sofa I eagerly spread my legs and wrap one over his shoulder, the other around his side and across his butt to pull his hard throbbing cock into my hot wet pussy, fast and hard, staring deeply into his eyes the whole time to show him just how much I want him...need him. MMMMMMMMMMMMM Good lord, the thought of that really does have me sweating.

But sometimes it's not about seducing, but taking. And that is just what you get with the "Force - Lift" pose from The Brink of Kink Hunt, 1 - 30 April. *Thinks of the scenario above, where she is teasing and seducing with her legs* When he finally can not take anymore he pulls his belt off and ties my hands behind my back with it, my heart starts beating even faster with excitement and desire, and always that slight thrill of fear at not being able to stop what is about to happen. He pushes my legs together and brings them up in the air, wrapping his arms around my thighs tightly as he pulls me to the edge of the sofa. He settles himself so his cock is poised at my pussy, making sure my legs are as close together as possible causing my opening to be very tight. With a wicked gleam in his eye he pushes his full length into me in one hard stroke, I gasp and shudder, my muscles involuntarily tightening around his hardness. He smirks and starts pounding in and out of me until he makes me scream my pleasure loud enough for the world to hear.

Whew, um, I think I need a cold shower now. Or maybe a warm one with a nice water proof toy as company. *coughs and rushes the rest of her post* So don't miss these two great adult poses at Kabuki Creations, or any of the other great hunt gifts mentioned on the Main Site!

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