Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pot O' Gold Hunt 19 Feb - 31 March

I know it's a week before this hunt starts, but when I saw this pose there was no way on earth I could wait that long to show it to you...hehe And boy is this the perfect animation for Naku to give you with this hunt! *giggles* If men had any clue just what it did to a woman to see their faces between our legs, to feel their tongues and teeth against that sensitive nub, what the tension and excitement feels like as it builds up in our bodies, how much we love running our fingers through their hair as they please us until we just can't stand it any longer and throw our arms wide to grip anything we can find as our backs arch and the pleasure explodes from us....Mmmm, if they had any clue...

My friend, Than, said the best pot of gold he could think of was between a woman's legs, and he sure meant it! *shivers with the memory* I felt like I was floating through the air the whole time, on cloud 9, singing with the Angels, having the best time ever! Any one can give a woman pleasure this way, but when someone really knows what they are doing they can send a woman to Luckily Than knew exactly what he was doing AND stayed there until I just couldn't take it anymore. Mmmmmmm Ladies, ever had to beg a man to STOP giving you pleasure? Yeah, doesn't happen often. *shudders as she feels goosebumps move over her body*

*grins sheepishly* I must confess that it took me at least an hour to come up with my blog entry for this pose. But I don't think you can blame me after seeing the picture I could not resist taking as a lovely memento. I'm setting my alarm for bright and early on the 19th, want to get down to Kabuki and see all the sexy people that run over to find this amazing pose.
Huggles and kisses,

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