Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Waterfall

Than told me he wanted to go for a hike this weekend, so I figured it was the perfect time to try to find that waterfall my friend Jess had been telling me so much about. She said it was so beautiful and secluded, we wouldn't want to leave. So I packed up a picnic lunch and off we went. After a while of hiking and chatting we began to hear the rushing water, we increased our pace as we were both a bit warm and ready to feel the refreshing spray. When we broke into the clearing we just stopped and stared. It was such a lovely and peaceful spot, neither of us wanted to break that picture.

Well apparently Than was a little less concerned about the "picture" than I was, next thing I know he's got me in his arms and is running towards the clear refreshing looking pool. I was squealing at him, trying to get him to let me put my suit on, but he wasn't having any of it. I barely had time to kick my shoes off, and SPLASH! I was sputtering and laughing as I came up for air, ready to get my revenge. As I'm sure you figured out, Than doesn't play fair, so when I tried to grab him and dunk him under the water he grabbed my shirt and hauled it over my head. He laughed at me when I tried to climb up his body and snatch my shirt back from his outstretched hand, then just balled it up and threw it directly into the waterfall! As I was swimming towards the falls he came up behind me and deftly stripped me of my shorts as well. When I turned to protest he put his hand over my mouth and lifted me up onto the rocks below the falls, I stood as he climbed up in front of me. But instead of standing himself, he grabbed my hips and pulled me against his face, immediately pushing his tongue deep into my core.

I gasped loudly and gripped his hair with my hands to try to keep from falling from the pleasure coursing through me. My leg moved as if of it's own free will to drape over his shoulder and pull him even closer, his tongue making my mind go blank of everything except the exquisite sensations. Suddenly his mouth clamped over my sensitive bud, his lips sucking as his tongue flicked back and forth. My knees went weak as I threw my head back and screamed, every person or animal within a 5 mile radius able to hear as my orgasm hit. Gasping for breath, my legs too weak to hold me, I sank to my knees as my orgasm slowly subsided. I could hear Than chuckle, knowing exactly what he did to me, then rising in front of me to show me just what I did to him. Not one to let an opportunity like that pass by, I leaned forward and licked the head of his large, throbbing cock as it bobbed slightly from the spray of the falls.

I could hear Than groaning above me as I wrapped his manhood in my hands and took the head into my mouth. He began thrusting his hips so I opened my mouth wider to accept him. Then he allowed me to set the pace as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth, each thrust pushing further, finally his cock opening my throat and pushing it's way down. I moaned around his smooth hardness and felt him shudder above me. Just as I cupped his balls in my hand I heard his wicked chuckle, he leaned down and pulled me up, my body sliding along his as he stood me in front of him then kissed me long and deep.

Taking my breath away as feelings and emotions surged through me. He pulled back and smiled into my eyes, then turned me around, pulling me back against him and started running his hands all over my body. I shuddered with the feel of his warm hands moving over my water cooled my skin. My nipples grew even harder with his attention and I pressed my mound against his hand.

He moved his hands up my body, bringing my arms over my head, then moving them down and placing them against the back of my hair whispering, "Keep your hands there no matter what I do." Moans and tiny whimpering sound escaped my lips as his hands and mouth continued exploring every inch of my body.

A soft kiss on the back of my shoulder making me sigh, then a sharp tweak of my nipple causing me to arch and whimper. His fingers running down my sides bringing up goosebumps before he moved down to run his finger up my folds to my clit, rubbing and squeezing until I moaned loudly. My noises of pleasure must have gotten the better of him, suddenly he swung me around, lifted my leg over his shoulder, and pushed the full length of his cock deep inside me.

I cried out in pleasure as he growled and pumped in and out of me, his hand on my thigh holding me steady while the water continued to cascade over both of our bodies. I leaned forward, my mouth seeking his causing him to slow his thrusts so we could kiss passionately. I sucked his tongue like I had his cock earlier, causing him to growl again. He broke the kiss, pulling his cock from my body long enough to turn me and bend me forward, then thrusting into me from behind. I gasped and bit my bottom lip from screaming again, his cock filling me completely as my hands reached out blindly for something to hold onto.

Than reached up and grabbed my breasts, squeezing and kneading them, but at the same time helping me to get steady as he continued his onslaught from behind. His growls soon turned to grunts, then groans as I squeezed my muscles around his hard shaft, my moans of pleasure mixing with his. He moved his hand down, pinching my clit between his thumb and forefinger, rubbing his fingers together as I gasped and bucked against him. I came again, screaming into the water as he gave one final thrust and released himself deep inside me with a loud moan. He leaned into me, his weight almost taking me down as he got his breath back. When I felt him straighten, I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply and passionately. He gripped my butt, pulling me close and up until I moved my legs around his waist and continuing the kiss for a very long time.

We spent the rest of the day at the waterfall, sunning, eating, talking, swimming, and having a wonderful time. Needless to say Jess got a very large thank you bouquet for telling me about the wonderful area.

Those are just a few of the poses Naku's great waterfall and showers have in store for you. So be sure to get one of your very own so you can start creating beautiful memories. Head over to Kabuki Creations today. You can see more of the showers at our regular Kabuki site.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Adult Hunts you don't want to miss

I know, you came to see those two hunt poses I mentioned on the main Kabuki Creations site, and I don't blame you. *grins* So first I'll show you The Virtues of Sin Hunt, 1 - 30 April, with Naku's "Sofa - Front1" pose. I like to think of it as the Love Him with Legs pose myself. *giggles* Well it really is like making love to a man with my legs as the star. Okay, maybe not THE star, but you know what I I've been teasing him on the sofa for the past half hour, hands roaming, deep kisses, my silky smooth legs rubbing his body anywhere they can reach. Loving the way the course hair on his legs tickles my satin skin, and the rounded feel of his ass rubbing against my calves. When he finally can not take anymore and pulls me to the edge of the sofa I eagerly spread my legs and wrap one over his shoulder, the other around his side and across his butt to pull his hard throbbing cock into my hot wet pussy, fast and hard, staring deeply into his eyes the whole time to show him just how much I want him...need him. MMMMMMMMMMMMM Good lord, the thought of that really does have me sweating.

But sometimes it's not about seducing, but taking. And that is just what you get with the "Force - Lift" pose from The Brink of Kink Hunt, 1 - 30 April. *Thinks of the scenario above, where she is teasing and seducing with her legs* When he finally can not take anymore he pulls his belt off and ties my hands behind my back with it, my heart starts beating even faster with excitement and desire, and always that slight thrill of fear at not being able to stop what is about to happen. He pushes my legs together and brings them up in the air, wrapping his arms around my thighs tightly as he pulls me to the edge of the sofa. He settles himself so his cock is poised at my pussy, making sure my legs are as close together as possible causing my opening to be very tight. With a wicked gleam in his eye he pushes his full length into me in one hard stroke, I gasp and shudder, my muscles involuntarily tightening around his hardness. He smirks and starts pounding in and out of me until he makes me scream my pleasure loud enough for the world to hear.

Whew, um, I think I need a cold shower now. Or maybe a warm one with a nice water proof toy as company. *coughs and rushes the rest of her post* So don't miss these two great adult poses at Kabuki Creations, or any of the other great hunt gifts mentioned on the Main Site!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovers tub - a trip into voyeurism

I was walking through the woods out behind the lodge today and heard some soft whispering and giggles. Well you know me, I couldn't resist investigating. *grins* I tiptoed in the direction of the noises, when I saw steam floating up in the air I crouched behind some bushes. As I parted the bushes a huge smile spread over my face, I was so happy to see Dagda and Hj making use of the garden tub we had installed.

It was so sweet watching them cuddling and kissing, just made my heart melt. I was about to leave the love birds to their afternoon snuggle when I noticed Hj arching her back and Dagda moving his head lower on her chest. Mmmm, now that just hard to turn away from, her nipples hard and perky as he ran his tongue over them. As I watched him begin to nibble and her cry out with passion, I felt a tightening between my legs and blushed lightly even though no one was around to see.

Dagda suddenly twisted Hj around and pressed her back against the tub while grabbing her hips and plunging his tongue between her wet folds. I couldn't help but squirm as I watched them, the pleasure on her face was obvious, and no way was I leaving now. *grins widely*

As I continued to watch I felt a tingling between my own legs, finally unable to stand it any longer I reached down and started to rub myself lightly. Just as I touched my clit Hj let out a loud scream, scaring me enough to jump and rustle the bushes slightly. I clamped my hand over my mouth as I let the branches fall back into place, my heart pounding in fear of being caught spying. After about a minute I noticed the pounding in my ears subsiding but the moans from the tub picking up with a deeper voice. I waited another minute but then just couldn't resist parting the bushes again. "Oh my, oh my" I whispered softly to myself as I watched Hj's lips move up and down on the yummy looking cock between them. She would take him in deeper and deeper each time her lips moved down his shaft. I so wanted to be her in that moment. *sighs softly*

Dagda suddenly reached out and grabbed her hands, pulling her body up and pressing her hands to either side of her breasts with his own just as his cock slipped between the soft mounds. A smile spread over her face as she realized what he wanted, and I could tell when she squeezed harder by his increasing moans as his cock pushed up and down between the water slick flesh. As I watched my hand slid up and inside the bodice of my dress, I started teasing my nipple as I enjoyed him fucking Hj's wonderful breasts.

Just as I started wondering how he could hold out so long he slid lower in the water, pulling Hj on top of him and thrusting up inside her in one swift motion. OH MY GOD, was all I could think as I watched then heard him murmur "I'm going to take you every way I want before I finally come, my lovely." Hj just moaned and threw her head back with pleasure, her breasts thrust out beautifully.

I started pinching and pulling on my hard nipple as I watched him turn her around, she braced her feet on the bottom of the tub and started riding his cock fast and hard. I just had to leave my nipple alone and reach down between my legs again, the sound of their skin slapping mixed with the sound of the water sloshing making me comfortable enough to let out a little moan as I made contact with my throbbing pussy. It wasn't enough for me though, so I slipped my fingers under my panties and slid two fingers deep inside myself as I continued to watch her ride him wonderful cock.

Dagda suddenly grabbed her by the waist and turned them both around again, spreading her legs wide and plunging inside her. As his hips thrust his cock in and out of her I matched the speed of my fingers to follow. I found it so difficult to keep quiet that I had to bite my own bottom lip to keep my mouth closed. With each passing minute Hj's moans were growing louder and louder, finally she couldn't stand it any more and screamed her pleasure again as her body bucked against his. I was ready that time and didn't jump, but it sure made me want to have my own orgasm!

As soon as she finished moaning and writhing Dagda whispered what I think was "Thank you for soaking my cock so well." Then quickly flipped her over to her hands and knees and forced his large cock deep into her tightest hole. My jealousy grew a bit stronger as I watched his cock move in and out of her slowly, her cries and moans of pain starting to turn to pleasure. I pulled my fingers from my wet hole and started teasing and pinching my clit, wanting so badly to feel that cock inside my own ass as my need to cum grew. Dagda finally called out "Oh fuck yes!" and plunged hard and fast, burying himself fully insider her hole. Just as he did, I pinched my clit one more time and moaned my pleasure with him.

It was such a strong orgasm I let the branches fall back into place and wasn't sure just how loud I was. When my pussy stopped spasming and I was able to catch my breath I decided to make a hasty retreat. Straightening my panties and dress as I made my way back to the lodge. Later that evening I ran into Dagda and Hj sitting at the bar. I knew I was blushing lightly as I walked up to them, but hoped they would attribute it to the warm evening. "My two favorite people." I said with a smile. "I hope you have enjoyed your day." Hj bounced off her stool and moved forward, "Oh it was the most amazing day Kayla, thank you so much for inviting us here!" she exclaimed as she grabbed me in a tight hug and kissed my cheek, then she whispered in my ear softly "And we both hope you enjoyed the show." Turning bright pink, all I could do was nod my head vigorously in agreement.

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment with voyeurism as much as I did. *winks* Now get your booty's over to Kabuki Creations and pick up this tub so you can make some wonderful memories of your own.
To find out more information about the tubs themselves, please visit the PG Kabuki site. *smiles*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

RP Pole play time - Mmmmm

Well I've finally gotten to blog the awesome RP Pole from Kabuki. This is quite a bit longer than I originally planned, but once I got started I couldn't stop. *laughs* I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it:

Than said he was inviting me over for a nice intimate evening at home, little did i know what he meant by "intimate". But as soon as he opened the door for me i knew something more was going on than he let on. He opened the door without a single word and placed his finger against my lips to tell me not to speak, then started removing my clothes. Well yes, that seemed pretty intimate to me considering we had only been on three dates and had not gone past heavy kissing and a little petting. i opened my mouth to protest and he just put his finger against my lips again, saying very softly "You will not speak, if you speak you will force me to gag you and i do not want to have to do that." Well that started me trembling all over as i meekly closed my mouth again. Yes, some of the trembling was fear, but most was the excitement that started building deep inside me. We had talked about role playing and BDSM on our last date, but i never expected anything like this. But wow, i had no clue what else was in store for me...

We ended up in a room that had been cleared of everything except this rather ominous looking pole just standing there, both of us completely naked and me trying not to be obvious with my glances at his wonderful manhood. It seemed what he was about to do turned him on a great deal, and seeing him like that certainly helped get my juices flowing. He led me to the pole and started attaching cuffs to my wrists and ankles, i tried not to squirm as i became more nervous but i was finding it very difficult not speaking or asking questions. When he turned with a collar in his hands and started to place it around my neck i opened my mouth and got one word out "Wait...". He placed his finger over my lips once more and said "This is your last warning, no speaking." As i closed my mouth again he continued "Once i place this collar around your neck it means you belong to me until i release you, since this is our first time we will consider this a play collar that may be removed at any time with a safe word. Per our conversation the other night, your safe word will be Kabuki. If at any time you wish to stop just say that word and it all stops. But be sure you mean it, because once it stops there is no going back."

I trembled even more from his words, so scared yet so excited at the same time. i could not believe some of my most secret fantasies were about to be fulfilled by this man, this totally sexy man i had just met a few weeks ago. He took my continued silence as acceptance and turned me with my back against the smooth but hard pole, then proceeded to attach large chains to my wrist and ankle cuffs. i was almost on my toes with my arms stretched above my head when suddenly i felt the chains on my ankles begin to pull. i gasped when my legs started rising in the air, being pulled slightly apart and directly over my head. My cheeks turned bright pink as i realized i was totally exposed and completely helpless. When he kneeled in front of me, looking directly at my most intimate parts, my cheeks flamed even more. He smiled and reached his hands out to caress me softly, this made my body jump against the chains and he smiled even more as he looked up and saw me biting my lip. "Mmmm, what a pretty little pussy you have girl." he said, causing me clench my muscles. He chuckled and leaned forward to run his tongue from the bottom of my slit to the top. i could not help but moan softly with the feel of his warm wet tongue against me.

i could not believe the excitement i felt being made helpless and exposed in this manner while he touched and licked there as much as he wanted. Sometimes gentle, sometimes rough, his fingers and tongue moving in and out of my depths and over my throbbing little pleasure nub. It was all just too much for me and i lost control, crying out in pleasure as my body bucked against Than's face and the chains holding me as my body let loose a very strong orgasm.

Than smiled widely and moved back from me to look into my face as my chest heaved and i tried to get my breathing under control. "That was very good you little CumSlut, very tasty." and he licked his lips as i watched. "But next time you must ask permission before you cum, it is the only time you are permitted to speak, understand?" As i opened my mouth to say yes he quickly stood and rammed his large cock deep into my dripping hole. i cried out in pain as he filled me completely, almost feeling like he would push out the other side. Then he started speaking in a stern voice as he slammed into me, "I (slam) said that (slam) you are (slam) not to speak (slam) unless it is (slam) to ask (slam, slam) to cum!" i cried out with each thrust of his hips as he drove his point home, nodding my head vigorously in understanding.

"Very good" he said as he pulled his hardness from inside me, leaving me with a strange feeling of emptiness. He reached up above my head and messed with the chains, his chest very close to my face. i fought hard not to lean forward and kiss the gently curling hair right in front of my nose, yelping when the decision was suddenly taken from me by his movement of the chains and his hands on my body. i inexplicably found myself with my butt against the pole and my legs over cool metal bars that were not there before. i gripped the chains for support as my body and head dangled while i looked up at him, my eyes suddenly filled with the beautiful sight of his glistening manhood. "Now I will let you taste how sweet you are" he said as he pushed himself between my lips. My eyes grew wide as he continued to push himself into my mouth, soft moans escaping my lips until he hit the back of my throat and stopped.

He pulled back until just his head was between my lips, giving me a moment to gather myself and swallow, then pushed forward again in one swift motion. When he hit the back of my throat this time he did not stop, causing me to gag and my throat to open, allowing him to push the rest of himself into my mouth. i gagged a little more as i felt my throat closing around him, his own moans growing loud enough for me to hear as he started pumping in and out of my mouth. i shuddered with pleasure even as tears of strain began to run down my face, hoping, praying he would let me taste him also. He pumped faster as his moans grew even louder, i felt his shaft twitch in the back of my throat thinking he was going to shoot his load straight down. But he pulled out until just the head was between my lips and filled my mouth with his taste instead. "Hold my cum in your mouth until I say you can swallow girl" he said hoarsely, as he continued to pump more and more. i fought with myself not to swallow as i watched the pleasure move across his face.

i continued holding it in my mouth as he pulled from me and started messing with the chains again. Just as i was wondering if he would ever tell me to swallow i felt the bars under my legs give way and my feet suddenly swing to the floor, my surprise was so great i swallowed despite myself...almost gagging with the unexpectedness of it and gasping softly. i saw movement from the corner of my eye and looked over to see him shaking his head with a look of disappointment on his face. But...was that a twinkle of laughter i saw in his eyes? Too hard to tell and it vanished as soon as he saw me looking. "Girl, for not doing as you were told you deserve to be punished" he said (i'm almost positive i heard a note of laughter in his voice) and he grabbed my hips, pulling my legs away from the pole and spreading them at the same time. Then he raised the metal bars again and said "Hang onto these, you'll need them" and chuckled evilly. As he moved behind me i squirmed around, not sure what to expect at this point, and peeked behind me as i heard movement, my eyes growing very wide when i saw the whip raised in his hand.

When i felt the first lashings from the whip it was more surprise than pain that had me jumping and crying out. My mind started whirling, wondering how far he would go and if i could take it without using the safe word he had provided. i felt a stronger lashing this time and his stern voice saying "Two! Count them off for me you naughty little slut." i trembled but said in as clear a voice as possible "Two, S...Sir." With a definite smile in his voice this time i heard, "Very good little slut, keep going" and felt another stinging sensation on my smooth bottom. "Three, Sir" i called, my breath starting to become heavy "Four, Sir" then i bit my lip as the stinging became worse. i forgot myself on the fifth one as i realized my butt was growing warm with each slap of the whip, feeling an even harder sting i stuttered and cried out loudly "Six Sir, i'm sorry" and another hard sting as i called out "Seven Sir" a slight catch in my throat from the pain and also embarrassment of forgetting my duties.

When he got to 10 he stopped and moved close behind me, i felt his hands on my warm bottom, the heat of his skin making the stinging worse as i hissed my breath between my teeth. His hands moved over me, rubbing and squeezing as he said "Mmm, very nice indeed, but barely pink, i think you can take at least 10 more." And he moved back again as i took a deep breath, stealing myself for what was to come. When he got to 15 a tear slipped down my cheek and my voice was trembling as i called out the number. i heard his sigh of pleasure as he continued the lashings and i continued to count, telling myself just a few more, i could handle just a few more. After the 19th lashing there was a bit of a pause, just as i was about to look back i felt the worst stinging yet and screamed "Twenty Sir!" as i jumped and the tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

i bit my lip hard to keep from sobbing as i felt his warm hands on my now hot and very stinging bottom. "You have the prettiest red ass I have ever seen girl" he said softly as he squeezed my cheeks. The pain was so intense from his warm hands i almost opened my mouth to use the safe word, but then i felt him spread my cheeks and a wetness against the tiny tight little hole between them. A squeak of alarm issued from my throat and i heard him chuckle again, then i felt a slight stubble from his face as he pressed his cheek against my hot butt, then tiny warm kisses between his words "Mmm, you were such a good girl it is time to reward you again, now that your ass is nice and hot and ready for me." i could not stop myself from squirming as i felt his tongue against my tight hole again, running around in circles and darting in and out slightly while i moaned in pleasure.

Then he stood and i felt pressure against my puckered hole and tensed up. "Now now girl, tensing will only make this hurt, i suggest you relax as much as possible" he said as he laughed softly "You know you are going to enjoy this as much as i am, especially with a slutty little ass like yours." And i felt his hands move to spread my cheeks wide, his fingers very close to my hole as a warm wetness dribbled between my crack. i took a deep breath as i felt him using his stiff member to spread his saliva around the hole, then bit my lip hard as he started forcing the head into me.

i cried out with the pain but managed to hold my tongue as his head spread my little hole wide, feeling his sigh of pleasure deep inside myself. He pushed himself about half way inside then stopped, leaning forward and kissing my upper back softly sending goosebumps of pleasure over my body as i got used to him in my butt. He continued placing tiny kisses over my back as he pumped himself in and out slowly, never going deeper than half way. As the pain turned to pleasure i started making tiny whimpering noises in the back of my throat, my hips starting to push back against him until he stilled me with his hands. "Not yet girl" he said "You will have all of me soon enough."

i whimpered more and shuddered with need as his right hand moved around and down to my clit. "Mmm, you are so wet you little ass slut" he mumbled against my back as he began pinching and pulling on my little nub. His pumping grew faster as he started rubbing my throbbing clit harder, my whimpers growing louder as the pleasure inside me built. Unable to hold off i cried out "May i cum please Sir?" "No, not yet, hold it girl" he said roughly as he continued to pump. "Please Sir, i must" i cried, "Almost girl.....ok NOW!" he said loudly. i screamed with relief as my pleasure burst forth, just as i came he pushed himself the rest of the way inside my tight hole, causing me to scream again with the slight pain as my orgasm continued to erupt from me. He pumped himself very hard all the way in and out of my hole several times, his finger pinching my throbbing clit tightly, then suddenly slammed into me very hard as i felt his body shudder with his own orgasm, his finger's releasing my clit at the same time bringing me again with a scream of pleasure. Our bodies bucking and writhing against each other in the throws of passion, his arms slipping around my waist and holding me close as our pleasure slowly subsided.

Once we both got our breathing somewhat under control he released me and turned me towards him. The smile on his face was the most amazing thing ever as he leaned down and kissed me passionately, then led me to a rug in the corner that i missed before. Laying us both down he snuggled me close against his body and gently stroked my hair, whispering in my ear what a lovely, wonderful, sweet girl i was, and how much i pleased him. His soothing voice lulled me and i slowly drifted off to sleep feeling more wonderful than i ever have in my life.

Mmm, and there you have it my lovelies, pretty amazing RP pole Naku has made. You can buy it three ways, one for female, one for male, or one combined. The animations and possibilities for play that this pole has are awesome!

You really should run over to Kabuki Creations and pick it up. Don't make me have to get the cuffs out. *giggles*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pot O' Gold Hunt 19 Feb - 31 March

I know it's a week before this hunt starts, but when I saw this pose there was no way on earth I could wait that long to show it to you...hehe And boy is this the perfect animation for Naku to give you with this hunt! *giggles* If men had any clue just what it did to a woman to see their faces between our legs, to feel their tongues and teeth against that sensitive nub, what the tension and excitement feels like as it builds up in our bodies, how much we love running our fingers through their hair as they please us until we just can't stand it any longer and throw our arms wide to grip anything we can find as our backs arch and the pleasure explodes from us....Mmmm, if they had any clue...

My friend, Than, said the best pot of gold he could think of was between a woman's legs, and he sure meant it! *shivers with the memory* I felt like I was floating through the air the whole time, on cloud 9, singing with the Angels, having the best time ever! Any one can give a woman pleasure this way, but when someone really knows what they are doing they can send a woman to Luckily Than knew exactly what he was doing AND stayed there until I just couldn't take it anymore. Mmmmmmm Ladies, ever had to beg a man to STOP giving you pleasure? Yeah, doesn't happen often. *shudders as she feels goosebumps move over her body*

*grins sheepishly* I must confess that it took me at least an hour to come up with my blog entry for this pose. But I don't think you can blame me after seeing the picture I could not resist taking as a lovely memento. I'm setting my alarm for bright and early on the 19th, want to get down to Kabuki and see all the sexy people that run over to find this amazing pose.
Huggles and kisses,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Forbidden Fruit Hunt...Yay!

FINALLY, a place where I can show you all the naughty, sexy, risque, and wonderfully fun adult, animated poses that Kabuki has to offer you wonderful people! First up is a pose from the Forbidden Fruit Hunt (9 - 25 Jan), but you better hurry over and find it because the hunt ends in 6 days. The pose is called 'Ride ~ Sit1' and boy is it ever HOT. I can certainly see why Naku put it in the Forbidden Fruit Hunt. *squirms in her seat and wipes the sweat from her brow* I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but I bet most of you agree...when a man grabs me and pulls me into his lap, using his strong muscles to place me exactly where he wants me and move my body against his...MMMMMMM!

This pose is amazing because not only do you get to feel your lover's strong hands on your body and his amazing shaft inside you, but you are also in the perfect position to play with yourself! *getting so hot from this pose she can barely think straight* The synced movements in this animation will drive you crazy as your man thrusts his hips under you while you bounce up and down in perfect rhythm. AND with your man using his strong arms to hold you up, you don't even have to worry about your legs getting that tired.

I'm going to have to stop here now *keeps having to wipe the drool from her lip* or I will never get this posted so you all can see it! This pose comes with the ottoman that is modifiable so you can match it to your room. I hope now you understand why I am so super excited to be doing the adult blog for Kabuki. And I KNOW I will be seeing you in the store soon so you can hunt for this HOT HOT HOT pose. Just look for the red apple with the snake wrapped around it.

Also remember that we have some amazing cuddle poses in the store for you to use after you tire each other out with this one. *giggles* You can view a lot of those on our PG site here.
Huggles & kisses,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello sexy people!

If you are coming over from the Kabuki Creations site then you know me. For those of you that don't, I'm Kayla and it's nice to met you. Naku and I are just starting this blog for all of you wonderful, beautiful, extremely sexy people that would like to see the risque, oh who am I kidding, the HOT side of Kabuki. Please bare (pun intended *winks*) with us while we get started, but check back often so you don't miss the thrills! Boy are we going to have an awesome time getting to know each other. *wiggles her cute, perky, little butt with joy*

Here is a pic of me to get your mouths watering and the excitement building for what is to come.